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Continuing Education

It’s that time of year for me and completing my continuing education requirements for my certifications and licenses is on my mind. It may be on your mind as well. This type of education is required and is a reminder of the credentials we hold. It’s often very boring and repetitive.

Continuous education is important, especially for business owners and professionals. There are a lot of other educational options available including conferences, courses, coaching, podcasts, and books that I choose and very much enjoy that help me to grow my business. I take courses on marketing, accounting, legal issues, financial growth, customer psychology, sales, course building, and more. In fact, I just took a class on how to make a reel. Yes, this was a big black hole for me, haha.

Learning should be a skill and activity that continues throughout your life. Whether it’s business or personal, it keeps the juices flowing and the creativity open. I encourage you to learn something new every day!

I was just at a conference last week in Phoenix where a young man was having significant success as a young businessman. In fact, his net worth is $73 Million dollars and he is only 22! What got him going was the desire to help improve the life of the needy. Ok, a good kid, right?

But what I really took away from the presentation was this: As a 10-year-old he asked his dad for an allowance. His dad said we don’t pay for chores here but if you read a book and write a summary, I will pay you $100. So, this 10-year-old started reading the books on his dad’s shelf. They were primarily self-help and business books. And he developed his mind around the business. The most important thing was that he believed what he learned in the books was to “Just follow these steps” and he did. No limiting beliefs holding him back! He ended up reading 10 books that first year and made $1,000. That started his business career. Quite the empowering story about reading business books.

What it did was validate all of the reading, learning, and new concepts that I am so attracted to. By the way, I share a lot of these ideas with my very successful clients.

Continuous learning is what fuels business growth. Innovation keeps your company ahead of the competition. Creativity is what separates you from the pack. And it all comes from learning a new or better way of doing business. Athletes are constantly improving their skills and since we are the athletes of business, we should too. I encourage you to create a new way to market. A faster way to deliver your product. A way to lower the costs and increase the value. Learn a new skill to improve your business!

Learning shouldn’t stop when you finish school. Your brain wants to learn, work, and solve problems to keep it healthy! Continuous education can involve every part of your life from hobbies to business, although business pays a lot more.

So, what do you want to learn next?

Marcia Riner is a business growth strategist and the CEO of Trajectory Consulting. She helps professional service firm owners to optimize their business, drive growth, and to be in a great position to sell it someday. Together, she helps you create your roadmap to improve, scale, and maximize the value of your company.

Marcia hosts a weekly podcast with videos on YouTube @ and audio @ She also shares business growth tips on her YouTube Channel @Marcia Riner

She runs a masterclass where she teaches business owners how to optimize, grow, and maximize the value of their business so that they can sell it someday @

Want more great ideas, download Marcia’s newest eBook “Think Outside The Box – 10 Reasons To Get Your Business Sale-Ready Now” available on


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