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Paying For Speed

There are two ways to grow your business. You can chip away organically trying to develop your business or you can speed up the process by getting help. One of my mentors had a great little saying. It’s one of two ways, you can pay for a mentor, or you can pay for the mistakes. Another, she says, you can either have coaching or have the consequences. This leads me to the topic of paying for speed.

Its Time or Money

In marketing, you can organically grow a following that may engage with you but may not ever buy from you. If you have the money, you can invest in growing your business with experts & paid advertising. If you don’t have money but you have the time, you don’t have to pay the expense by spending your time on research, studying, creativity, production, & testing until you get it right. You may think this way is less expensive, but it is actually more expensive. The opportunity costs and loss of potential revenue occurs while you are spending your time learning how to do the marketing when you could be working in your genius zone making money.

No Body Makes It Alone

Every successful business has had help to get the success they have. The help comes from advisors, mentors, & constant education on how to run their business optimally. They received help on their offer of the products or services, financial decisions, hiring team members, management solutions. It is a smart way of doing business.

Here are a few types of ways that you can get help to speed up the growth of your business.

Business Growth

This is often strategic planning. Make sure your business is matched with your ideal customer, your big & small goals, & team alignment. In strategic planning you are developing the direction of the business & exactly how you are going to achieve them. Getting help with your big picture and small details make up the action your company takes.

Financial Growth

This is how you can manage your costs and the impact of the income. Highly technical decisions can lead to producing bigger margins. Many business owners don’t focus enough on the financial reports and the tell-tale information that can lead your company to its most profitable success. Bringing in the right team to advise you on your financials is an absolute necessity for growth.

Sales Growth

If you aren’t selling then you aren’t in business. For many small business owners, sales are almost always a challenge. It’s not just getting prospects to say yes but so much more. Like the perfect offer, great customer experience, on-point marketing, & the ability to deliver on it. Asking for sales coaching helps to improve your message and the process that increases your closing ratio will drive your growth.

These are just a few of the ways that you can get help to grow your business. Not to discount getting growth coaching for your team, mindset, leadership, systems, product, and more. The most important takeaway is to just get help. You can’t make it alone, so pay for speed and get the get you need to turn up the growth in your business, now.

Thinking you might want to start with Strategic Growth help? Let’s chat. Happy to learn about your business & provide you with an idea or two to move the needle on your growth.


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