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How To Describe Your Core Offer That Makes Your Ideal Customer Beg You For It?

As a business growth strategist, I face a common thread across many of my new clients.

They find it difficult to describe the core offer in a way that makes your ideal customer beg for it. This article will teach you how to do just that, the way a business coach would set you up for success.

Give It A Catchy Name

One of the most important things about your offer is its name. You should give it a catchier nickname that will stick with people, rather than just saying “product X” or “service Y.” For example, instead of calling your product an ebook on how to get leads for small businesses, you could call it “The Little Black Book of Marketing.” It also should be as direct as possible and attractive to your ideal customer. Speaking of which...

Who Does It Serve?

Another important thing to consider is who your product or service serves and how they will benefit from it. In the case of “the little black book,” small business owners would be a great start for potential customers because most people do not have the time or skills to run a marketing campaign for their business. Understanding who your audience is and what they're struggling with will help you describe your core offer in a way that causes your ideal customer to say, hey that's me.

What Is The Result?

The overall result of your offer should also be something that makes people’s lives easier and more efficient, while still being affordable and attractive to them. For “the little black book,” you could say it can help busy small businesses find the shortcuts to effective marketing that makes customers throw their credit cards at you. Get the result, it's not the marketing but the effect of the marketing. You want to be able to describe your core offer in a way that does the same thing to your future buyers.

How & Why You Came Up With It

Another important part of describing your offer is telling people how and why you came up with it. To do this, simply tell the story about what happened that made you create the product or provide the service in the first place. For example, if I was writing a description for “the little black book,” I would simply say that after running my own business for over a decade and working with dozens of others along the way, I realized there was no one-stop-shop resource to help small businesses improve their marketing. When the buyer understands how and why you created your product or service they begin to see the value you provide.

Case Study

A great way to make your offer even more attractive is by using case studies. For the case study, you could say that after working with dozens of small businesses and helping them improve their marketing results, "the little black book" helped one woman quadruple her revenue in under two years. Your story of how it helped someone else provides proof of concept and the customer begins to see themselves in that role. Many buyers want to know that your solution works and that it can work for them.

I hope this article has taught you some ways to improve the way you communicate what you offer. Making it sexy, interesting, and attractive is what many copywriters have been using for years to sell products. It's time that you begin using the same thing in your business so that you too can find customers begging to buy your product or service.

Curious about what I've just shared with you? I'd love to share my ideas on how to grow your business and make it sale-ready whenever you want to pull the parachute and try something new. Book a complimentary call today:

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