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About the Series

Step into a realm where craftsmanship meets strategy in this virtual

Trade Masters Roundtable: Profit Booster® Strategies for Skilled Professionals.


This exclusive business roundtable is crafted for the hardworking backbone of our economy - the trades. Whether you're fine-tuning HVAC systems, lighting up the world as an electrician, keeping the gears turning in mechanics, or ensuring cleanliness through commercial cleaning, this event is your catalyst for growth.


This no-cost event will take place virtually to maximize your time.

What’s In Store?
  • Tailored Strategies: Discover profit-boosting strategies specifically designed for the trades. Learn how to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.


  • Community Insight: Share the floor with fellow trades professionals. Exchange stories, challenges, and solutions that resonate with your daily grind.


  • Actionable Tools: Leave with practical tools and tactics that fit right into your toolkit, ready to be applied on your next job.

Why You Should Attend?
  • Focused Networking: Connect with peers who speak your language. Build a network of trades professionals committed to elevating their businesses.

  • Expert Navigation: Guided by industry insights, Marcia Riner will lead the discussion, offering strategies that connect directly with the needs of trades businesses.

  • ​Efficient Learning: We value your time. Our 90-minute session is packed with concentrated insights to implement right away, minimizing downtime and maximizing profit.

Reserve Your Spot

Space is intentionally limited for a focused and interactive experience.Transform your trade, enhance your efficiency, and boost your profits. Join us to learn how strategic planning meets practical application in the trades.

Join The Trade Masters Roundtable 

This is a monthly roundtable providing highly valuable business growth ideas that can blow away your competition. This is a small group of your fellow business owners. 

Seat availability is based on your industry.  Only 1 industry representative is allowed.   

We don't want to share your proprietary secrets with your competitor, do we? 

Fill out the information below and lock down your seat for the next roundtable!

Once dates are scheduled, you will receive your invite.  If you are unavailable, we will hold for the next date.

Thanks for submitting!

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