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Mastermind Retreat – fresh ideas to grow your business

After spending a fantastic week at a Mexico mastermind with people that understand what I am trying to achieve in my business, I come away with an amazing energetic power that is unparallel to anything I could have done alone at my desk. So, I write this article while waiting for my return flight while I am still feeling so fresh. I’m am wanting to keep the energy going.

So here is my experience that I wish to share with you-

As I arrived at LAX, I bumped into a business friend who was also going to Mexico to work on his business. He explained that when you are able to take time away from your daily life, your senses open and you are able to see your business or life in a different light.

During the mastermind, we learned some new skills and were asked to spend some time focusing on our mindset. So many of us have blocks or beliefs that are holding us back from the successes that are already in front of us. During a lunch break with a fantastic view (the photo attached), my companion explained that we cannot fix our mindset with the mind, since it is the problem, but we can work through the block by accepting or changing the emotions that are associated with the thing we can’t seem to do. So interesting for me but not the ‘woo-woo’ that you may think. These are life-changing skills that have been around for hundreds of years. We, Westerners, are just opening our minds to the long-time practices of eastern philosophies.

The second most important takeaway was that when you surround yourself with people on the same journey that you are on, the ideas, brainstorming, and shared experiences take you farther than you can ever do alone. No, you shouldn’t be alone in your business! Meeting other business owners who are ahead of you, willing to pull you up or you are doing the same to someone below you. Knowledge and successful practices must be shared.

Masterminding while away from your business is an incredible tool that every business owner should do at least every 6-months, no less than yearly. The knowledge, ideas, and friendships are worth every moment. I am now heading back to my business with a fresh and rested view. This investment will move my business to the next goal faster than I had planned. And I have the experience to go along with it. I encourage you to join a mastermind retreat and take some time to work on your business.


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