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Your Buyer’s Journey

Your buyer’s journey is the journey your prospects take before purchasing your product or service. All buyers go through a journey as they shop. They do research, look at pricing, and compare other options as they are making their decision. This journey may take weeks, months, or even years before they buy. And you need to be there while they are doing this.

How do you follow your buyers on this journey? You create it!

First: Learn about what they are doing as their journey begins.

Knowing your future customer is the key to getting them to buy from you. You must know what is happening in their life, what problems they are struggling with that they don’t want, and what they really want that they don’t have yet. Also, you must understand where and how they want to buy. Finally, you will need to know about your competitors and what they may be buying just before they need your product or service.

Second: Learn what get them interested in you

Now that you know where your prospect starts, you need to get them to find you. This is done with marketing and advertising. Make sure that your message resonates with their life, needs, and problems. It also needs to be catchy, so that they stop and notice you. Don’t focus on your branding just yet unless you have a million dollars to throw at your customers to build it. Simply focus on their challenges and why you are the clear solution to help them.

Third: Nurture them until they buy or yell stop.

Only about 3% of prospects are ready to buy right now. That means that 97% are not ready just yet because they are in different phases of their buyer’s journey. Don’t forget about them, nurture them by providing valuable content about their problem, your solution, and why it is important to solve the problem. Nurturing can be done by gathering their email, phone number, and social attention. Then your job is to help to move them along their buyer’s journey until they buy. This helps them to make the best decision – you.

Marcia Riner is a business growth strategist and the CEO of Trajectory Consulting. She helps small business owners to increase profits, drive growth, and to be in a great position to sell it someday. Together, she helps you create your roadmap to improve, scale, and maximize the value of your company. Check out her website @

Marcia hosts a weekly podcast with videos on YouTube @ and audio @ She also shares business growth tips on her YouTube Channel @Marcia Riner

In her book The Profit Accelerator, she provides 12 Ways To Dramatically Increase

Your Revenue, Profit, And Value. Download her book for FREE at


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