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3 Ways To Find At Least 1 More Productive Hour Everyday

As the founder of your company, there are a lot of 'time-sucks' in your day. Being busy is not a badge of honor, whereas being effective and efficient truly is. On a normal business day, you may be wearing many of the hats that are required to get the job done. Even when you have a full team, productive time can be difficult to find. Finding an extra hour or two each day can really help your business grow.

If you find your days full, yet there is still more you should be doing? Here are 3 ways that you can add more productive time to your day and get more done.


Start by ranking your tasks from 1; which is a high priority to 3; which is a low priority on every project that needs to get done. Some tasks need to be completed that day, some that week, and more that month. Focusing on the tasks that have higher priority will also keep the stress low while avoiding the last-minute rush to complete them on time. Working from a priority list will help to keep you and your team on track and achieving your goals easily. By understanding what is really important for your business, so you can get busy with it.


Distractions can steal your precious time away. Whether it’s the phone ringing, an employee with a question, or a shiny object that takes your attention, it slows your progress on your task at hand. By stopping the distractions, you can get more done. It is said that you lose time transitioning from one task to another which can really add up. It may take you 10 minutes to figure out where you left off and start up again each time you are interrupted. Try turning off your notifications or add a do not disturb on your electronics. Closing your door helps or go to a private location to get that undisturbed time. Set expectations and let everyone know that you will be returning calls at a specific time throughout the day. Keeping the focus on your priority tasks can not only move the needle on your business but it will give you more time back in your day.


Working in your genius zone can speed up the way you complete your tasks. It also makes you the most money. Taking tasks off of your plate can free up your time so that you can focus on the tasks that only you can do. Delegating is one of the best ways to get more time in your day, both reducing your time and increasing the production time of your company. The easiest way to get things off your plate is to review what you are really doing. Notice what is making you money, what only you can do, and what is a repeatable skill that can be systemized. Awareness is the first step to delegating. You’ll be surprised at how many things that fill your day are unnecessary for the founder to handle. You may not have the team or staff to do it yet, so hire a VA or a part-timer. Note: that when someone else works in their genius zone, they can complete their tasks faster than you and at a fraction of your going rate which saves you time and money.

Finding an hour or more every day can do wonders for your business. It allows you to get more done or take some needed time off. So, find time in your business by prioritizing, focusing, and delegating.

Marcia Riner is a business growth strategist and the CEO of Trajectory Consulting. She helps professional service firm owners to optimize their business, drive growth, and to be in a great position to sell it someday. Together, she helps you create your roadmap to improve, scale, and maximize the value of your company.

Marcia hosts a weekly podcast with videos on YouTube @ and audio @ She also shares business growth tips on her YouTube Channel @Marcia Riner

She runs a masterclass where she teaches business owners how to optimize and scale their business so that they can sell it someday @

Want more great ideas, download Marcia’s newest eBook “Think Outside The Box – 10 Reasons To Get Your Business Sale-Ready Now” available on


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