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Business Hierarchy

It's your company's organizational chart.

Yes, every business needs these roles filled to operate properly. Note, there are other sub-roles that may be needed but you can begin see what support every business owner needs.

As a business growth coach, I work with business owners regularly that have missed laying out this chart to see where the gaps are. It's an easy chart to build and it helps you understand how to grow your business. Who's your next hire and how will it push your business forward.

Now that you can see the hierarchy of a normal business, let’s look at yours.

Build out your own for your business. The first question is what roles are you currently playing in your business? If you are still a young small business, you may be filling more of these due to budget restraints.

Where are the gaps that you don’t have filled yet? Start with the top!

Your Priority Is The Management Team:

Leadership, Operations, Marketing, Sales, & Deliverables.

Building out the management or directors of the company will ensure stability. They all report to the business owner and they oversee departments that are vital to the functionality of the business. It’s best to have separate departments but each department can have as little as 1 or 2 people in them, but with young companies it may have someone overseeing more than one.

Your plan is to build these departments as soon as possible. It is almost impossible to grow a business with only the owner as you can see due to the potential job challenges a single owner-operator would have.

What are your next steps? Create your own organization hierarchy chart and prioritize how you can hire them. When done right, the position will add enough income to cover more than their expense.

Happy to help you build out your strategy so that you have a business worth selling someday. Book a complimentary call.


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