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Thankful For Your Customers

As Thanksgiving time is here again, we think about what we are thankful for. All business owners should be very thankful for their customers. Yeah, I know that’s a ‘DUH’ kind of thing. But really how do you show appreciation to your customers so that they stick around and buy more?

Many customers make purchases beyond the price. Of course, they want quality, value, on-time delivery, and exactly what they want. But your customers still have many choices with who they buy. Your customers want to be appreciated for choosing you. So, how can you show that you appreciate your customers?

Tell Them

Expressing to your customers that you appreciate that they choose your company is important. When they make their purchase, just saying thank you can go far. Yet there are many additional times that you can thank them and provide additional opportunities to engage them further.

  • Try sending a thank you note with the delivery of your product or service along with a brief summary of additional offerings at a discount.

  • Send another note of appreciation a few weeks to months later to remind them that you still thank them. And continue randomly. Just like us ladies who like flowers for no reason whatsoever.

Show Them

Providing great customer service is a basic level of proof that your buyers made a good decision to choose you. Customer service isn’t something that only occurs when there is a problem but something that occurs throughout the relationship.

  • Show them you care by following up with them just to ask if they are satisfied. This a perfect opportunity to get a testimonial, a referral, or a chance to improve your product or service.

  • Consider insisting that your team addresses each client by either the title of Mr., Ms., or Dr. Jones or to be personal by noting their informal name of John or Mary. And adding personal touches like asking them about their current projects and or family members shows deeper commitment to their relationship with you.

Making sure your customers know that you appreciate them can improve your retention of repeat customers, increase the opportunity for referrals, and even get them to buy again. Especially in a recessionary time. Your customers are watching the spending and looking for ways to improve their own business. When you do a great job and appreciate the customer, they’ll continue to spend with you.

Marcia Riner is a business growth strategist and the CEO of Trajectory Consulting. She helps small business owners to increase profits, drive growth, and to be in a great position to sell it someday. Together, she helps you create your roadmap to increase revenue, drive growth, and maximize the value of your company. Check out her website

Marcia hosts a weekly podcast with videos on YouTube @ and audio @ She also shares business growth tips on her YouTube Channel @Marcia Riner

In her book The Profit Accelerator, she provides 12 Ways To Dramatically Increase

Your Revenue, Profit, And Value. Download her book for FREE at


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