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Is Your Message Getting Old?

Profitability is one of the top metrics for all businesses. So, let’s talk about accelerating your profits.

We’ve all been running our businesses for a while. If it seems like you are working harder to get in front of your ideal customers? You’re not alone! Attracting the ideal customers as you have in the past, no longer works. Don’t be surprised - Customers change. Markets change. Businesses need to change. You need to constantly innovate your business to stay in front of your ideal customers. Why not do it on your birthday?

Profits come from just 2 areas: Increasing revenue and cutting costs. Accelerating your profits requires that you take a series of adjustments to the way you do business. Doesn’t matter what product or service you deliver and to whom you deliver it.

It’s your market-dominating position. Nope, this isn’t new! It’s your unique value proposition “software” that drives everything you do. And don’t be surprised to know that you may be running your business on outdated software. Time for your annual upgrade!

Here’s what the Market-Dominating Position does, it states,

1. What is the problem your customer has that they don’t want?

2. What is the solution that they are looking for that they don’t have yet?

So, here’s your message upgrade exercise. It’s time to refresh your messaging to attract your ideal prospects so that you can bring in more revenue.

What problem do you solve?

Your market-dominating position is how you communicate to the world what you do and who you do it for. This requires you to know your customer in depth and their struggles. Also, this problem must be a big enough problem that they want it gone, like right now or you’ll need to have to spend a lot on advertising if they are shopping based on price.

Prove to your audience by showing them that you can solve their problem. . It can be expensive to get in front of your ideal prospects. With Google’s search capabilities, people are searching for those that can solve their exact problems. Why not communicate that you are the expert in solving that problem?

Who do you solve it for?

You really cannot serve everyone, because everyone doesn’t have the same problem they want to be solved. Even if you are a dentist and your ideal client has teeth. You really solve a problem such as a no-fear zone for children, fast implants, or cosmetic dentistry. Even if you are a generalist, you should probably specialize in taking insurance with a low copay or for those that don’t have insurance, you offer discounts and monthly payments. Identify who you so solve problems for. The more you can specify who they are, the easier it is to find them online and offline.

Now that you know the problem you solve and who you solve it for, let’s build out your market-dominating position in a way that is attractive to your ideal prospect and puts you as the best solution to solve it.

Your market-dominating position can be created by following this method:

  1. Hook–Interrupt & catch their attention with a clear statement that shows you understand their problem. (Who & problem)

  2. Solution– Engage & explain that you can solve their problem with a clear solution (You & solution)

  3. Educate – Share a story of how they can quickly & easily put to stop their problem. (They can do it/strategy)

  4. Offer – make a call to action, not necessarily a sale but an invitation to get more information and further their buyer’s journey. (Next-step offer/lead magnet)

Here’s my example:

Are you a business owner wanting to make more money & grow your business? Come on, doesn’t every owner? My name is Marcia Riner, I’m a nationally recognized business growth strategist, exit planning expert, and 2X published author. With my 3rd book releasing in January. Business owners hire me to double or triple their net revenues and profits without spending additional dollars on advertising and marketing. In fact, I’m able to show prospective clients a clear ROI attached to working with me before they hire me. Hey, I’ve got a secret code available to download my book if you’d want to get 12 of my powerful strategies only available now to get folks excited about my new book coming out.

You can use variations of this strategy in person and online. I guarantee that a well-designed market-dominating position can quickly accelerate your profit.

Surprise! It's my birthday! As my birthday gift to you, and to help you to develop your own market-dominating position, I am offering a free 4-week full access to my Profit Accelerator MBA program - valued at $997/mo. In this program, you’ll get full access to my 100’s of training videos. You’ll also get a weekly group coaching call every Monday in January at 4 pm PT. Finally, you’ll get an e-copy of my book ‘The Profit Accelerator’ where I share 12 of my powerful strategies so you can understand what it takes to accelerate your profits.

So, if you want to make 2023 a profitable year. Join me by sending me an email saying "I'm In". I know that only the special business owners really want the growth and the profits they desire. Is that you? Are you in?

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